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Our Team.

What makes our team so special at Comfort and Care? Well for one, we're a little bit of an entertaining group so you might be getting a comedy show with your appointments, no promises but having a memorable visit is one. Each and every one of us strive to make sure that we aren't just providing A service but also education because, understanding yourself and your needs ensures the best experience. We work our hardest to make sure that our clients feel comfortable and safe in our studio because we know how important these things can be. Our team is driven by passion and creativity and we appreciate being able to share that with our clients, not only do we love seeing how you feel after each service but, it gives us a purpose and reason to continue doing what we do. 

So with that said, lets meet the Team!



Senior Hairstylist/Nail Tech


Felicia is the founder of the Studio. She is very meticulous in her work, and exceptionally skilled when it comes to colour corrections, blonding services, and nail art. With not only great attention to detail, she is extremely knowledgeable and loves to educate! Its always a little nerve-racking to meet a new person, but don't worry! You can count on her fun-loving and goofy self to put you at ease.


Fun Fact: She's has two cats named Yoshi and Misty, and she's crazy for them. Some may call her a crazy cat lady?



Junior Stylist

With over a year of experience in the industry, An has become a specialist in blonding services and bleach out. Her journey began at Blanche MacDonald, where she honed her skills as a stylist. She is extremely passionate about providing great experience offering honest advice when it comes to your hair! She is embracing her role as a junior stylist and committed to continual growth and learning to further expand her expertise.
Fun Fact – I’m a Capricorn, and my right eye naturally grows stark white lashes, and yes you can ask to see it cause it’s pretty cool!
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